Zero capital investment with revenue share option
(for approved hotels)

Direct Guest Communication


The only app that allows guests to book or communicate directly with hotel departments and curated local merchants.

Unique business model


A new revenue stream for hotel partners, in the form of a commission-based share of any transaction with external merchants.

Smart Data


Guest usage analytics and task escalation alerts relevant departments as to any unactioned or delayed orders, encouraging quick responses.

Where are we?

ButlerTech Group is located in key hospitality markets around the world.

How does it work?

ButlerPad for hotels

White labelled under the partner hotel branding, ButlerPad is automatically available to guests via their own device (i.e. smartphones, tablets and laptops) upon log-in to the hotel’s WiFi.

ButlerPad is a cloud-based application that is highly scalable and customisable to meet the demands of hotels and is available to view and use as an HTML 5 link ahead of your guests arrival or check-in.

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Butlerpad for franchisees

We are ready to share our success and business strategy with budding entrepreneurs’ all over the world. We provide unparalleled staff training and after sales support to ensure that you successfully launch in new territories.

We also provide specific management software and training materials, for each layer within the organization, including a wealth of marketing and monitoring tools.

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ButlerLite for boutiques

Create your own intelligent virtual concierge application with our hosted application builder.

Simply open any of the do it yourself widgets and then customize them to fit your specific needs and drive customer loyalty for your boutique hotel brand.

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